Let a mechanic in Yakima, WA inspect your front and rear differentials

Your front and rear differentials help you make turns nice and smoothly. If you're suddenly having issues turning, reach out to Bonnie and Clyde's Brake Center in Yakima, WA. We'll inspect your differentials and take any necessary steps to make sure they're functioning properly.

Whether you need to fully replace your front differentials or simply add more fluid, you can count on us to handle everything for you. We can work on any type of vehicle, including specialty and custom vehicles.

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Trust us to work on any type of differential

There are three different types of rear and front differential designs. They are:

1. Open differentials, which are the most common and reliable option
2. Limited-slip differentials, which use an integrated clutch system
3. Torque-vectoring differentials, which use a complex system of sensors and electronics to get data from the steering system

No matter what type of front and rear differentials you have, you can count on us to handle them with care and precision.